Alexander Turkewitsch, BASc., MASc., P.Eng.

With 43 years of greenhouse experience and Operating his firm since 1999 Alexander is the President & a Greenhouse Consultant for Greenhouse Engineering, where he plans, and designs for commercial, institutional, and research greenhouse facilities.


Alex has been the President & Greenhouse Consultant for Greenhouse Engineering since March1999, where he plans, specifies, designs and implements commercial, institutional and research greenhouse facilities.

He designs greenhouse facilities ranging from plant production ranges, garden centers, shade houses and lath houses to compartmentalized research greenhouses, conservatories, rooftop farms, and custom structures. Alex also performs inspections, commissioning services, project management and engineering evaluations.

His international client list includes architects, greenhouse operators, manufacturers, institutions, governments, research organizations, universities, and bio-technology companies. Alex has consulted on, provided designs and implemented and commissioned greenhouse projects in all 10 Canadian provinces, Nunavut, 25 States in the USA, Mexico, Uruguay, Philippines, Australia, Kenya, and Malaysia.

Alex was the Special Projects Technical Support Engineer for North America with Nexus Corporation and National Greenhouse Company from 1996 to 1999, where he was responsible for designing services for commercial, institutional and research greenhouse facilities, as well as designing the structural, mechanical, electrical and control systems, as they related to greenhouse facilities.

He was also the Chief Engineer for Frank Jonkman & Sons Ltd from 1991 to 1996, and Senior Engineer for Growers Technical Services Ltd from 1980 to 1990.

Alex is affiliated with many organizations, including:

Registered Professional Engineer in Ontario, Saskatchewan and British Columbia,

Member, Canadian Society for Bioengineering (CSBE) and the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE),

Charter Member, Canadian Association for Earthquake Engineering (CAEE),

Member, American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS),

Member and Executive, Association of Educational and Research Greenhouse Curators (AERGC),

Member and Former Chair, NCERA-101 USDA Committee on Controlled Environment Technology and Use,

Member, Ontario Society of Professional Engineers (OSPE),

Member American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE).

Alex obtained his B.A.Sc, Systems Design Engineering, and M.A.Sc, Mechanical Engineering from the University of Waterloo in 1977 and 1980, respectively.

Recent Projects

Replace Rooftop Greenhouses on Illick Hall, SUNY ESF, Syracuse, NY

Professional Services: 2012

Construction: 2014

Study repair or replace options, report with capital and operating cost estimates. Replace 1960’s 7th floor rooftop greenhouse with new contiguous facility. Greenhouse area: 7,000 sq.ft., in 12 zones, consisting of 5 teaching and collections zones, 2 fern zones with pv solar glazing panels, 4 air conditioned research BSL-2P compartments and 1 arthropod containment compartment. Project Cost (greenhouse component): $ 3.2M. Greenhouse Engineering performed program, SD, DD, CD and CA phase services throughout for the greenhouse components, including structure, shading, benches, HVAC, irrigation, plant and service lighting, electrical, controls and monitoring. We prepared construction cost estimates, plans and specifications for the greenhouse and performed document review. The greenhouse component was the major part of a whole building repair and renovation project.

Bowditch Research and Education Greenhouses – University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA

Professional Services: 2010

Construction: 2012

Construction of new research and education greenhouses and renovation of existing greenhouses. New construction consisted of 2 wings of research and education greenhouses in 12 compartments, totaling 9,700 sq.ft. One of the wings is capable of operation at BSL-2P. Total project cost: $ 10.8M, including the support building. Total project area: 15,555 sq.ft. Greenhouse Engineering performed complete design services, including programming, SD, DD, CD and CA, construction cost estimates, document review. Drawings and specifications for the greenhouse structure, heating, greenhouse systems (shading, benches, irrigation, ventilation, screening, shades, computer controls, lighting, evaporative cooling and HVAC. We also provided commissioning services and a commissioning report. We performed the greenhouse energy modeling and the greenhouse documentation for the LEED certification process. The project team and owner was targeting LEED Silver and the project achieved LEED Gold certification in 2013.

New Research and Production Greenhouse and Header House – Alberta Agriculture Brooks Crop Diversification Centre South, Brooks, Alberta, Canada

Professional Services: 2009

Construction: 2010

Replacement and expansion of research greenhouse infrastructure. New facilities include one 10,000 sq.ft. research greenhouse facility containing 10 compartments and one 40,000 sq.ft. pre-production facility with 4 compartments for greenhouse vegetable research and trials and 2 compartments for aquaponics and propagation. Project cost (including header house support building): $ 16M. Greenhouse engineering provided architectural and engineering support services, including programming, schematic design, design development and contract documents. Cost estimates, document review, drawings and specifications for the greenhouse structure, heating, greenhouse systems (shading, benches, irrigation, ventilation, screening, computer controls, lighting, evaporative cooling, fogging, air conditioning). The project objective was to obtain LEED Silver certification. The project achieved LEED Gold certification in 2014.

Syracuse University, Life Sciences Complex, Syracuse NY

Professional Services: 2006

Construction: 2008

A new 6 story facility linked to the existing Center for Science and Technology. The complex unifies the teaching and research facilities of the biology department, as well as teaching facilities for the chemistry department. A teaching and research greenhouse facility is located on the roof. Two wings, one air conditioned and contained for research and one for teaching collections are included. Total greenhouse area: 6,000 sq.ft. Total project cost (including 6 story building): $ 80M. Greenhouse construction cost: $ 1.8M. Greenhouse Engineering was the greenhouse specialist consultant for the greenhouse structure, MEP in the greenhouse, greenhouse controls, greenhouse systems including shade systems, photoperiod control systems, plant benches, fog systems, air conditioning, photosynthetic lighting, startup and commissioning services, construction cost estimates, LEED support and energy modeling. Deliverables included a full set of plans and specifications for the greenhouse and included systems. Site visits, punch lists and performance verification were also included.


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