Kayla Jones

As a recent graduate from The Ohio State University, Kayla Jones earned her Bachelor of Science in Food, Agricultural, and Biological Engineering by completing a broad range of academic and project based coursework. She has joined the team as an Associate Greenhouse Engineer and will collaborate to produce specifications, construction, and design documents as needed for varying projects with Greenhouse Design LLC.



The Ohio State University                                                                         Columbus, Ohio

College of Engineering and College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences     May 2024

B.S. in Food, Agricultural, and Biological Engineering

Specialized in Biological and Biosystems Engineering  

Notable Coursework

·       Advanced Bioengineering I & II, Microbiology, Advances in High Throughput Phenotyping

·       Heat and Mass Transfer, Fluid Mechanics, System Dynamics & Electricity, Measurement & Instrumentation

·       Engineering for Food Justice, Computer Graphics Using AutoCAD



NASA Senior Engineering Capstone Design                                                                      Columbus, OH

Team Secretary                                                                                                                             April 2023- April 2024

·       Worked in a team to design a device for moisture detection in plant growth substrates for µG environments.

·       Documented meetings and compiled data into a presentable format to communicate with advisors and sponsors.

·       Composed technical literature and documentation, 3D models for prototypes, and poster to share with clients.

Charles Nabrit Memorial Garden                                                                                               Columbus, OH

Engineering Team Member                                                                                                  Jan 2023-May 2023

·       Collaborated in a team to diagnose and resolve issues with a FarmBot system located at a community garden.

·       Performed outreach for families experiencing food insecurity to provide meals/education and raise awareness.

Fundamentals of Engineering Design Course                                                                Columbus, OH

Team Member                                                                                                           August 2020-May 2021

·       Autumn: designed and programmed a video game to feature at a showcase event.

·       Spring: conducted extensive research to design and simulate testing protocols for a nanochip engineered to detect ovarian cancer from a single drop of blood.


Greenhouse Design LLC.                                                                                                            Burbank, OH

Associate Greenhouse Engineer                                                                                             May 2024-Current

·       Produces specifications, construction, and design documents for new facilities and additions to greenhouses for private businesses and schools, colleges, and universities across the United States and Canada.

·       Collaborates with design engineers, outside consultants, and clients to effectively complete projects.

·       Experience with MS Office, BIM (Revit), and AutoCAD.

Adriatico’s Restaurant                                                                                            Columbus, OH

Waitress and Front of House Attendant                                                                               May 2023- April 2024

·       Maintained a clean and safe environment to meet safety regulations and to upkeep the appeal for customers

·       Built relationships with customers and coworkers to maintain a friendly atmosphere in a fast-paced atmosphere

The Ohio State University College of Engineering                                                           Columbus, OH

Orientation Ambassador                                                                                                       May 2023- Aug 2023

·       Coordinated with advisors and counselors in the college to assist in scheduling classes for 1500+ new students

·       Achieved Certified Peer Educator title by NASPA (National Association of Student Personnel Administrators)

Pinecone Home                                                                                                        Cincinnati, OH

Customer Service Manager and Marketing Coordinator                                                        August 2020- Current

·       Navigates difficult conversations with individuals of diverse backgrounds to ensure a positive experience

·       Assigns tasks to production team as needed to secure timely delivery of orders and products

Senior Fulfillment Specialist                                                                                          October 2016- Aug 2020

·       Operated various equipment within workshop to assemble, pack, and ship orders efficiently

·       Performed training and supervised work of assistant packers to meet quality standards for the company.


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NASA Substrate Team

FarmBot Design Team