Why use us?

Looking for greenhouse design consulting? We bring our years of specialized greenhouse expertise to the design process for both new and retrofitted facilities. Your project may require greenhouse design services including the structure and glazing, mechanical, electrical, and control systems, lighting, shading, ventilation, air conditioning, fogging, hydroponics, irrigation, fertigation, and mechanization of the greenhouse system. Our team works with you, other stakeholders, and other design team members early in the design process to determine the correct programming of the space. We then work with you to design and specify a complete system for growing your plants or other biological agents.

Here are some reasons why you should consider using Greenhouse Design LLC to design your greenhouse project.


Unlike some design teams, we are independent of the manufacturers and work directly for our clients. This enables us to specify the broadest line of products, producing the most competitive bids.

Teamwork based approach

We routinely team up with a small group of greenhouse engineers on projects. This enables us to share experience and maximize our talents. On many projects, we are working with architects, other engineers, greenhouse curators, maintenance staff growers, professors, and administrators. We have experience working remotely and on-site. We have experience working as part of project teams lead by and architectural firms.

Licensed and Insured Professional Engineers

We are licensed professional engineers trained in greenhouse structures and systems. We carry both general liability insurance and commercial auto. But the most important insurance we carry is professional liability insurance of 1M per claim/2M maximum per year. If you are an architect, you aren't taking on any increased liability on the greenhouse design.

BIM and Computer Aided Design

BIM and CAD aren't just drawing tools for us. We design from the start with the current versions of Revit and AutoCAD. We use a BIM centric design philosophy and have generated many custom greenhouse specific Revit families that help our clients envision the greenhouse in three dimensions before it is built. We have a large supply of blocks and standard prints of greenhouse systems from our past work, enabling us to quickly design your project.

Systems based design

To us, a greenhouse isn't just a sunroom. It has a responsibility to create growing environments optimized for plants. We make sure that the systems are designed to work together and are controlled by a well-designed greenhouse grade control system/

Over 20 years of experience with many different greenhouse systems

We've been working with greenhouses for over 20 years. In that time, we've worked on commercial, institutional, research, conservatories, retail, and hobby greenhouses. We've worked with Aquaponics, Hydroponics, Media-based systems, and soil-based growing systems.

Fair and Tested Specifications

Our specifications are designed to be fair to all of the vendors capable of producing a high-quality greenhouse. Our specifications have been honed by multiple projects.

Real world costing data

From our years of experience, and our deep ties to the greenhouse industry, we can provide accurate costing of your greenhouse structure and systems.