Forensic Greenhouse Engineering

Forensic Expert Witness Grow Systems Testing

Greenhouse Conditions Report

Structural Damage Analysis for Insurance Claims

Analysis of Snow Damage to Roof

Greenhouse with wind induced failure of original vendor provided rollup walls

Greenhouse after custom design of roll up vent walls to handle the high wind loads at the site

Analysis of damage and repair ability of a greenhouse truss

Insurance Claim of Wind Damaged greenhouse (Texas)

Insurance Claim of Wind Damaged greenhouse (Texas)

South Wall of Range 6 and 7. Ranges to be structurally repaired

OARDC Tornado Damage

OARDC Tornado Damage Repaired

In September of 2010, a tornado raked across the OARDC campus in Wooster, OH severely damaging several greenhouse ranges. The project included determination of repairability vs. total loss on the different greenhouses, repair and replacement valuation, and engineering on the repaired Gourly greenhouse range. The scope of work was 4.7 Million dollars.